Thursday, January 19, 2012

25 pounds of glass!

That's a lot of glass to break. I'm doing this commission of 45 centerpieces for City Year San Antonio's Gala. I'm excited to do the work, but there sure is a lot of glass to break!

Each vase weighs 2.7 pounds so 9 in one kiln load takes about 25 pounds of shard. So I went through the process of choosing the shades, weighing it all out, making rings/dams, then weighing each of the 9 discs, and then pouring the shard into the rings and then finally firing them.

This is the turquoise batch. Then I have a red, cobalt, green, and plum batch to do. I'll show pictures as we proceed. All in all 125 pounds of bullseye glass.

It should take 5 full fuses and 5 drape kiln runs. In a perfect world. Hahaha
Like that's gonna ever happen. I'll keep you filled in!