Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday's Classes - Image Prep and Screen Printing on Glass!

Friday's classes were fantastic. I had six wonderful students who really created spectacular results! The first half of the day we spent working on our photographs and learning to convert them to screen print ready images. The process was easy to some and daunting to others. It really does depend on your familiarity with your computer, your software, and their capabilities. Once my awesome students understood the steps, it was smooth sailing and they began to add, subtract, highlight and further their images to suit the specific needs of screen printing on glass. We worked in a 6" square format.

I love the variance of subject matter!
We worked from full color photos to create crisp one color images which could then be screened printed into our glass, multiple times in multiple colors if desired. Then in the afternoon, we created the screens and pulled the prints on 6mm clear glass.

This photo originally had an ornate background. I love the vintage look!
We discussed what the students could do with their panels and their screens and everyone was excited by the possibilities. The pieces will be coming out of the kiln today and I can't wait to see what the students do next!

A few grandkid photos were done too!

Even a Greek statue!

I really like these! They are so interesting.