Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Timing is Everything!

Somedays things come together, and somedays they don't. Today was a mix of the two. I finally got the glass pieces on their stands. They look great with the light coming through them. I'm glad to have them done. I am supposed to send a piece to a piece to the exhibition at the Art Museum of South Texas for am invitational show. I'm inclined to send this piece, but I think it might be too small to make a good impact. It is 7" x 11" x 1",  It did turn out great though!

Cross Examination - Front View
Cross Examination - Back View

This is a piece of mine that's still in progress. It's inspired by my wonderful Archie who loves me unconditionally. (Archie's a dog. Just in case you didn't know.) Archie is more grown up now, not so puppyish anymore, like this picture. Anyway, his sweetness infiltrates my heart and makes me melt.

I'm debating on how much of the top to take off. And/or if I should add any more painting to the piece. It's two overlaid screen prints with enamels and then hand painted. I'm also debating a stand so light can come through the water and back or framing it. Opinions from the gallery are appreciated.
In the Weeds - Still in Progress

This piece is called "The Script." The text in the door talks about how we're all given a script of the roles we should play and what happens when we choose not to follow that script.
The Script
Today, there was a disconnect with someone over what was written in "my script" vs "their script." I think had we just talked, instead of emailing, the scripts would have come together.  Maybe time will bring it all back where it should be. I guess we all have those misunderstandings on occasion. I'm bummed that if went so off track. Anyway, this piece was finished today and finally put on it's stand. I'm working hard on perspective and proportion in my glass pieces. It can be a challenge to get the sizes right and maintain a sense of depth. This piece is 7" x 11" x 1". Light pours through the piece.

Last, and maybe least.....

Flourish in the Box
This is a piece I did on February 8th. Lisa, Francesca and I actually got about 90 minutes to sit down and play. That almost never happens. We all painted and experimented. I don't know if this is good or junk, but I like the color. The human figure really speaks to me. I can hardly do a piece without one anymore. mostly it was great to just be in the studio experimenting with my pals by my side.

This Mixed Media piece is on Arches watercolor board with Inktense blocks and pencils.  One day I'll attempt this in glass. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Good Day

Today was one of those run a million errands days! First, 2 hours in the car to take Will to school and then swing by Francesca's house, pick her up and head back to the studio.

While I did KilnFrog.com work, Francesca set up for her Etching and Metal Printing workshop this weekend. She did a cool new set up and we tested lots of samples. This flapper girl is from a photo that I manipulated in Photoshop and then toner printer and heat burnished onto the copper. The details are really great for an etching.

Flapper Girl Etched on to 24 Gauge Copper Sheet

So, then after we etched, we hopped back into the car and headed to the NEISD offices to get fingerprinted, so we can teach on any of their campuses. We're now "in the system." Ha! They took photos and fingerprints and I didn't even do anything wrong.....YET! I'm glad that's over! Then, back in the car again for another hour. Too much car time today!

I'm getting ready for my Kiln Forming I class. It's 10 weeks of wonderful glass fusing, plates, bowls, jewelry, and more. I have 4 students, so we'll be able to get so much done! We start on Thursday and I can't wait!  It's been a while since I've really had the chance to sink my teeth into my glass work. The move has been tough and taken way too long, but I'm finally settled in and comfortable.

I'll post pictures as we go! Tomorrow, no errands! YAY!