Friday, July 6, 2012

Bronze Clay and Etched Metals

Just a little peek at some of the finished pieces from the Metal Etching, Fold Forming, and Bronze Clay workshops. I always wish I had more time! These were my demo pieces, the top two all be made into pendants and beaded into necklace sets.  Today, we had an Into to PMC class and we made some cool stuff. I'll post pix tomorrow....that is after I teach Intro to Glass Fusing.... Wow!  Busy Week!!!

Bronze Clay Bust

This almost looks like a chocolate covered cherry!

This is fold formed, corrugated, enameled, and the flower is PMC.

This one is etched copper and brass with bronze drops.
I love art jewelry!

Strip Construction Class!

Last weekend we had an awesome strip construction workshop! The students made some gorgeous pieces. Here are some of the shots of the work in progress and almost finished. The folks did stringer tapestry and conventional strip construction, but then they really changed it up!  I'm so proud of my fantastic students.



Sunny's piece

Sue's piece