Friday, January 31, 2014

Best 2 Days Ever!!!

Some days are just great! I consider myself lucky if I have 2 great ones in a row! This week it happened!

Thursday I had my "Metal Clay Girls" here! They came for the Silver Metal Clay with Vintage China workshop. We chose from English Florals, Asian, Graphic Black & White, or Delft china pieces. Then we ground them to our desired shape. Then we made and fired our pieces and then bezel set them into our pendants. Everyone did great and learned new and fun skills.  This can be a challenge because many of the beautiful china shards we chose to use were not flat, so it's harder to work around 3 dimensional pieces pieces. We had a ball! Can't wait for the next class with the metal clay brigade!
My demo pieces and Dee's piece!
Susan's piece in progress

Dee's piece polished and patinated

Caren's Pendant and Earring Set

In process

The next day....TODAY! Again, a perfect day! Today was the Freeform Silk Dying Workshop. We had so much fun! We did Ombre Dying of Silk Burnout scarves, as well as making our own stamps, and using Gutta (resist) and Color Magnet solutions. There were so many techniques in just one day....I'm kind of worn out! ....But in the best way! We had some students who were playing hookey from school, so they are not pictured! Don't want them to get busted!

Don't You love the Tribal Stamped piece?

This burn out scarf is a vibrant purple-ish blue with grey background!

Wonder what I'm gonna get?

Checking out the design!
Thanks to all my awesome students for making the last 2 days so wonderful!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A New Class! And New Exciting Toys!

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new class I've just added to my teaching schedule! I don't often teach night classes, but I've had so many requests for them, that I've added this one. 
Our New Front Door Sign! C'mon In!

Kiln Forming I

Learn the fundamental techniques required for functional fused glass art and sculpture. In this course students will be introduced to the working properties of glass including; compatibility, heating, design issues, and more. Students will work with sheet glass, rods, frit, stringer, enamels, and various inclusions to create a variety of projects. Students will gain knowledge of firing schedules and programming the kiln. Additionally, students will learn about cold working glass and related equipment. Student projects will include jewelry, plates, bowls, pendant lighting, glass wall prints, and cast glass sculptures.

In this course students will experience fusing, slumping, tack fusing, casting and weaving techniques. We’ll work with mold making techniques, drilling holes, and other cold working techniques to refine the work. We will also learn the basics of image transfer onto glass including; gel mediums, screen-printing with enamels, and so much more.

Here are the details:
The class will be 10 sessions and we'll cover A LOT! Workshop Fee $450, Materials Fee $175

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Thursdays- 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/13, 4/3, 4/10,4/17, 5/8Wednesday - 4/23Tuesday - 3/18

Here's the link to sign up for the fusing class. 

One of the links is the workshop, the other is the materials kit.

Looking forward to seeing you!  
Feel free to contact me with questions you might have!

I just wanted to share my excitement over my new toys! I ordered 3 new lap wheels in from Covington Engineering. They arrived a few weeks ago and I'm just getting around to hooking them up! Lisa and I are sharing an 18" wheel, and then I ordered a 12" wheel and a portable 8" wheel. Can't wait to use them!
The 12" Covington Lap wheel! I built a rolling stand for it so I can move it from place to place!

The 18" Covington Lap Wheel that Lisa and I are sharing!

Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Back! A New Year, A New Studio, and New Classes!

Today is the "once in every 20 years" snow day in San Antonio, Texas, so we're all housebound and quiet. This is the perfect day to catch up on all of my procrastinated tasks... like my blog. So Happy New Year to all and I'll give you a quick update! This quick update has taken me 4 hours since I decided to revamp the blog too! I hope you like the new "me!"

It's been a hard six months but it's really been worth it.  In the Fall of 2013 I announced that Stacey and I were closing Wired Designs Studios. It was "decision time" on renewing our lease and we just weren't feeling the love to continue for another 3 years. Although I love teaching and creating, the retail store part of the business was extremely time consuming and after 12 years, a giant snooze fest that is just not much fun. Although we were still making a profit, sometimes the choice is just not about money. My 45 minute commute was kind of a drag, and then when I got to the shop I spent way too much time on the computer entering inventory, paying vendor bills, paying contractors, managing sales tax, etc. My job became less about the art and the students, and more about the "stuff" on the wall and the need to count it, sell it, and replenish it once it sold. It began to feel like I was going in the wrong direction. 

A few years ago I decided to go to Graduate school to get my Masters in Art Education, thinking that it would give me the art satisfaction that I craved. It did, but it just wasn't enough to keep me interested in being a "shop keep." I really missed being free to create when I felt the urge.  I longed for the freedom to teach what I love and what my students needed. And ever since we moved from the old Alley location, I missed having the Gallery and working to promote other artists.
Luckily, I have wonderful friends who were watching me struggle with these issues and with my choice to close the shop. So many of them encouraged me to follow my heart and to teach and create what I want. With their support I found the courage to try something new. 

Thank you: Lisa, Francesca, Nicole, Heidy, Rene, Cathy, Stacey, Stacy, Iris, Julie, Sherry
Thank You: Mike, Mike, Randy, Cynthia, Teri, Kelly, Devon, Scott, Kimberly
Thank You: Ed, John, Nick, Lance, Aaron, Ron, Charlie 

So......after much struggle, moving, tears, attitude adjustment, blood, sweat, and tears, I opened a new studio and gallery space with two fellow artist/adventurers; Lisa Meyer & Francesca Watson. Their  creative talents and generosity of spirit constantly amaze me. I love working with them. They are smart, hard working, and have made me able shed some of my armor! Thanks Girls!

Here are some of the pictures of the new place in no particular order!

We have a grand opening celebration on February 7th at 6:30 pm. I hope you'll all be there!