Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's Happening this Week?

It's been quite the busy week! 

I've had private classes with my pal Elizabeth and I'm afraid she's gotten more than she bargained for. We worked on color chemistry and reactions and some of the projects didn't work out as she'd planned, but she now has segued into strip construction and pattern bar creation because we've cut up a few of the disasters and are using the pieces in different ways!  I can't wait for her to see the finished product, because they are goon blow her away. I'll show you guys when they are complete!  

Also, bravo to Will! He's going to high school at Winston School! He had to do 2 days onsite as a student and be evaluated by the staff, and at the end, they invited him to attend! We're very excited for him! But it means a 55 minute drive every morning and evening....eeek! Car pool anyone??

Oops, this is from a few weeks ago. It's a demo from my beginning glass class fusing class. Here's what I did with it!

I'm also working on 2 vessel sinks! This one is for my friend Luanne's new powder room. It's gorgeous! I'll be cold working this one this afternoon.

The second one is from a customer in California. It's 4101.31 and 1429, for those of you who know what that is! I'll post a picture of that tomorrow!

Grad School is going well! Just one month left of this semester, which means; one more book (gotta read 90 pages today), 16 more blog postings (about 4 per week), 1000 more words to add onto the final paper. So far I'm doing ok! 

The weather is heavenly here right now! I slept with the windows open last night, which is not the norm here in cedar pollen land, but it was wonderful! Thanks g-d!